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IT Committed to Excellence – Committed to You

At Avatar, we’re as passionate about people as we are technology. Our goal is to connect with every person we meet and bring value-added services and ideas that enhance their current IT environment for the better. We believe in great ideas and sharing our knowledge and expertise will positively impact a business’ bottom line. We believe in creating a better ROI on technology for every client. To do so, we go by a simple saying at Avatar, “always take the stairwell,” which means we never skip any steps or cut corners. We go beyond the fix to deliver real value by making sure your technology works for you, not against you.

Avatar Bonnie
Meet Our Mascot, Bonnie

Bonnie showed up a few years ago. She was starved, covered in ticks, had an infected gash under her leg and was pregnant to boot. She was seeking help, seeking shelter and really just needed someone who truly cares. Like Bonnie, many of our clients come to us looking for help. They show up with antiquated technology, minimal security and no disaster recovery plan. They’re in bad shape, with a lot of risks, and really just need someone who truly cares.

Avatar Computer Solutions truly cares. When you partner with us, you’ll be more secure, more productive and have a clear picture of the direction you’re headed. As for Bonnie, she enjoys getting her Starbucks “puppocinos” and keeps everyone in the Avatar office happy.

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