About us

About us

Avatar Computer Solutions provides IT services that help companies automate and grow by leveraging information technology. But, we’re as passionate about people and business as we are about technology.  In fact, we believe that too much automation can make business feel transactional – and devoid of personal relationships. So, at Avatar, we strive to change that.

Our goal, and in fact our culture, is to connect with every person we meet and bring value to each conversation. Our style is to shoot straight, communicate clearly, and minimize technobabble. When we don’t know something, we’ll say so. If we can’t do something, we’ll help you find someone who can. And as your service partner, we won’t cut corners. We’ll do things the right way – even when that’s not easy.

The Avatar Advantage: Proactive Service — Measurable Results

– IT Managed Services
– Cybersecurity Services
– Consulting and Project Management
– Unified Communications

Meet our Mascot, Bonnie

Bonnie showed up a few years ago. She was starved, covered in ticks, had an infected gash under her leg and was pregnant to boot. She was seeking help, seeking shelter and really just needed someone who truly cares. Like Bonnie, many of our clients come to us looking for help. They show up with antiquated technology, minimal security and no disaster recovery plan. They’re in bad shape, with a lot of risks, and really just need someone who truly cares.

Avatar Computer Solutions truly cares. When you partner with us, you’ll be more secure, more productive and have a clear picture of the direction you’re headed. As for Bonnie, she enjoys getting her Starbucks “puppocinos” and keeps everyone in the Avatar office happy.



Madelyn Feinberg is founder and CEO of Avatar Computer Solutions. She brings close to 40 years of IT experience helping businesses in southeastern Texas to improve and manage their IT operations.

Madelyn holds a variety of IT certifications, including as Microsoft Certified System Engineer and Instructor. She is also a Goldman Sachs 10K SMB graduate, and a subject-matter expert on cybersecurity, database management, business planning, and using technology to drive business operations via automation.

Madelyn grew up at the same time as the modern IT industry.  She began her career doing training and consulting for major accounts, before pioneering the IT managed services business in southeastern Texas.


We partner with best-in-class IT hardware and software providers to deepen our knowledge and support the systems you use. We do not carry sales goals for any specific hardware or software vendors, but we can provide hardware and software directly for your convenience when that makes sense. We focus on delivering value through our services, so we will always work with you to source and support the suppliers that make the most sense for your specific needs.


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